Would you like to go on holiday and need assistance or care support? No problem, just let us know!

We will be happy to advise you about suitable hotels and organize all the care support or other services you need. Without any commission charged. You’ll find a selection of 40 hotels in holiday regions throughout Switzerland in our hotel catalogue. We will be happy to advise you by telephone: +41 (0) 31 301 55 65 or email:


CNZZ Claire & George Artikel The Hotel Catalogue 2015 just arrived!
Claire und George Hotelspitex Ferien mit Spitex Neueste Hotels 2014 Holidays and short trips also in Winter! Click here for the Catalogue
Garten Special Offer: one week of vacation in Konolfingen for 30% discount!
CNZZ Claire & George Artikel Neue Zürcher Zeitung
“In die Ferien fahren, als ob nichts wäre.” (04.07.14) 

Click on the picture to see the video: SRF, 7th of June 2013 (in german, duration 4 minutes)